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Boxing World Cup 2022

Sonny Bill Williams on Boxing World Cup, who was ’embarrassed,’ was drawn into a ‘Samoan slanging battle’ by Mark Hunt. It was obvious to the coach’s corner. Mark Hunt was able to reverse the tide when Sonny Bill Williams decided to quit dancing about the boxing ring. Williams, who was previously 9-0, had dominated the first, second, and third rounds in their heavyweight encounter at Sydney’s Aware Super Theatre at the Boxing World Cup.

Boxing World Cup

He’d moved easily and delivered a slew of punches, several of which seemed to level the ‘Super Samoan’ early on. Williams delivered a sequence of blows to the head in the third round, but the floodgates opened for Hunt in the fourth for the Boxing World Cup. Despite screams from his corner to move and dance, Williams remained still as Hunt threw a strong right hand at his head.

With less than two minutes remaining, Hunt knocked out Williams’ mouthguard and landed a sequence that sent the two-time Rugby World Cup champion to the ground. The knock-out strikes followed, leaving Williams dazedly wobble about the ring before going on one knee.

“I wanted to get into the Samoan slanging battle and was knocked out,” Williams added, regretting deviating from his game plan. “As difficult as it is to take, as hurtful as it is for my fans, I’m almost humiliated. “I simply have to keep standing up for what I believe in, and Alhamdulillah, I always thank God for what I have.

“I’m able to return home to my children and my lovely wife. It’s just disappointing.” That game strategy was to keep moving, to utilize his reach, to keep Hunt at a distance, and to exhaust Hunt. In the end, Williams admits he was taken in and let Hunt do what he does best.

Boxing World Cup

“I felt like I was holding my range and punching well until I got too enthusiastic,” Williams said. “I got carried away because I thought there were some opportunities there. Then he surprised me with an overhand right. It’s simply the fella’s experience. “He’s simply a cunning individual. I punched him with some beauties and rocked him. Suddenly I became enthusiastic and attempted to go ahead, but then bang – shook me.

“He’s an elderly fox. A strong chin. I was just overjoyed.”

SBW and Hunt exchange first-round punches

What comes next for Williams is unknown. Following Saturday’s battle, he stated that his athletic career could be over. Prior to the fight, Williams had left the door open for a long-awaited Paul Gallen rematch, which now seems to be a pipe dream.

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