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Boxing World Cup News, Vasiliy Lomachenko returned to boxing after joining the Ukrainian military effort. When Russia invaded Ukraine, Vasiliy Lomachenko gave up his battle to return home. He’s back for the championships. Sky Sports Arena broadcasts Vasiliy Lomachenko vs. Jamaine Ortiz at 1am on Sunday.

Vasiliy Lomachenko chose unusually

He was nearing a lightweight unification with George Kambosos earlier this year. After losing his championship belts to Teofimo Lopez, he left boxing to return to his hometown and help the war effort. Lomachenko made a bold, noble choice at Boxing World Cup News.

Boxing World Cup News

“At moments like these, you have to protect your home, you have to defend your nation,” Lomachenko told Sky Sports. Lomachenko didn’t know how long the conflict would run, how he would return to boxing, or what would happen. Risking everything.

Bob Arum, Top Rank’s promoter, said: “When Russia invaded Ukraine, Lomachenko was training for his next fight in Greece, in a mountain community. I called Egis [Klimas, his manager] and said, “Hey, stay there at the Boxing World Cup News.” But he flew back to Romania because all the airports in Ukraine were closed due to the war, rented a car, and drove across the border to Ukraine.

Though he didn’t fight, he joined the Territorial Defence Forces and carried a firearm. The war damaged him. “Yes, our town was bombed several times. We frequently had to hide in the basement from local bombardment “stated. Arum thought: “That tells a lot about Ukraine, Vasiliy, and Oleksandr [Usyk], who did the same. Ukrainian values and national pride. Such values.”

Lomachenko has been compared to Muhammad Ali, who sacrificed his peak years against the Vietnam War. Nico Ali Walsh, Greatest’s grandson, compared them “Like my grandpa, Lomachenko quit to fight for his beliefs. He quit his job for his beliefs. That’s rare now. I understand career priorities. But abandoning everything you love for your beliefs is so much larger. Powerful, “Ali Walsh told Sky Sports.

“Lomachenko and Usyk were brave and honorable. Many Ukrainian boxers quit to fight for their nation. I simply admire them.” Lomachenko will fight Jamaine Ortiz in the Madison Square Garden Theater at 1am Sunday morning on Sky Sports Arena. He said: Ali Walsh is his undercard “I like him as a fighter. It takes a special individual to abandon their sport, job, and loved ones to fight for their nation.

“He’s a terrific human being, a fantastic fighter, and I genuinely hope he’ll shine out in this next fight since it’s his return battle.”

Lomachenko will represent his nation in boxing

“It certainly raises awareness and at the same time it gives an opportunity to people in my country to get distracted, even for an hour or two, from all that’s happening. Of course, those who have that opportunity at the Boxing World Cup News. Those who are in combat right now, out in the battlefield, they will not be able to watch the fight,” he said. Ortiz is a Lomachenko insider. He sparred with the renowned Ukrainian in the gym. That may increase risk.

Boxing World Cup News

“We’ll see,” Lomachenko replied. “He possesses quickness, combinations, and ring mobility.” He warned: “I sparred him more than he sparred me since he was my sparring partner during training when I had to spar two or three opponents at once, so he had little experience sparring me one-on-one. “I wasn’t all his. I know plenty about him. More about him than me.”

This win would put Lomachenko on track for the outright title Bob Arum said his withdrawal from the Kambosos bout “opened the door for [Devin] Haney to win all the belts”. “Devin is a great boxer who won in Australia and was signed for a rematch. Devin and his father are willing to offer Lomachenko a chance to achieve those trophies as athletes “Arum said at the Boxing World Cup News. “As long as he doesn’t get wounded, God forbid, in the war of aggression that’s going on in his nation,” Arum said, Lomachenko will get his fight if he wins Ortiz.

“I requested Vasiliy to remain after the bout. No, he’ll take a few weeks and return to Ukraine and wield a gun if required. “Sports and how much money you can earn playing sports are not the most important things in life.” This win would return Lomachenko to the top of the lightweight class. “Exactly. That’s how I view it, as a step towards the next bout against Devin Haney,” the Ukrainian added.

“I’m thankful for this opportunity, to God, to destiny, to the scenario for this chance to fight, to go back into the ring, and to try and fulfill one of my big boxing ambitions.”

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