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Motorsports World Cup News

Motorsports world Cup News, The discussion will address the sport’s role in influencing and encouraging the development and acceptance of zero emission cars, which will be hosted by the UNFCCC, FIA, Formula E, and Envision Racing.

Motorsports World Cup News

At the COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, Thursday, November 10 is Youth and Future Generations Day. The conference’s only sporting event will be a panel discussion on motorsport’s unique ability to inspire mass transition to zero emission vehicles, moderated by UNFCCC Sports for Climate Action – the framework that supports sports organizations and their stakeholders in achieving global climate change goals – with speakers from the FIA, Formula E, and Envision Racing on the Blue Zone main stage.

Motorsports World Cup News

The Race Against Climate Change: Accelerating the Transition to Zero Emission Mobility will take place on Thursday, November 10th, from 16:00 to 16:40 GMT at the Blue Zone and will be streamed live online. It will include an authoritative panel of electric motorsport racing executives, including Envision Racing’s Managing Director Sylvain Filippi, Barbara Silva, FIA Social Responsibility Manager, and Julia Pallé, Formula E’s Sustainability Director.

The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is an atmosphere where great performance and sustainability coexist together, and it is rapidly expanding in worldwide appeal, especially among the more environmentally conscious young. Season 9 of Formula E, the first professional sport to be carbon-neutral from the start, starts in Mexico on January 14, 2023, after a record-breaking Season 8 in which more than 381 million spectators watched Formula E races.

With the introduction of the new Gen3 racing vehicle, the fastest, lightest, most powerful, most efficient electric race car ever constructed, things have made a big athletic and technical leap ahead this year. Since Formula E’s debut season, the number of electric vehicle models on the road has surged sixfold, with more than 175 currently available in Europe. Range and battery capacity of consumer electric cars (EVs) and other zero emission vehicles will continue to grow with the Gen3 car and the ongoing improvement of Formula E’s on-track technologies.

Motorsports World Cup News

The panel will hear from industry executives on the worldwide view on the racing sector’s role to addressing the climate catastrophe via technology and engagement with young fans at the Motorsports World Cup News.

“The future will be electric.” Formula E is a game-changing sport that has achieved incredible worldwide development in only eight seasons. “We are demonstrating what is possible and what must be strived for through innovation, high performance, and an active fanbase,” says electric racing pioneer Sylvain Filippi, who founded the EV Cup in 2009, the world’s first circuit race series for zero emission EVs, before becoming a founding member of the Envision Racing team.

“Our presence at COP27 is critical since Formula E’s goal is to promote the adoption of EVs and encourage good climate action throughout the globe.” Indeed, via innovation and fan involvement, racing has a unique role to play in the shift away from gasoline and diesel cars.”

“Motorsports world cup, as the world’s governing body of motor sport, we aim to take the lead among sports federations in combating global climate change and providing the foundations to make this a reality.” “FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem states “Our participation at COP27 is a critical milestone in our quest to achieve net zero emissions by 2030, while also driving the development and adoption of technologies and behaviors that may help to global decarbonization at the Motorsports World Cup News.”

“One year on from COP26, the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship continues to set the bar for sustainability in professional sport by making real progress in our aim to drive change toward an electric future,” stated Jamie Reigle, CEO of Formula E.

“We launched the new Gen3 racing vehicle in the spring, the world’s first net zero carbon race car in the world’s first net zero carbon sport at the Motorsports World Cup News.” We raced in Jakarta to call attention to the great efforts being made in a city that has been identified as one of the most susceptible to the consequences of climate change on the globe. We also had our largest worldwide viewership (381 million) to date. It is critical that we, as well as every other COP27 member, hold ourselves responsible for delivering on our pledges.”

“Motorsports world cup, this climate conference is all about implementation,” said Lindita Xhaferi-Salihu, Lead Sectors Engagement in Climate Action at the UNFCCC. It is about highlighting policies, solutions, and investments and figuring out how to scale them as soon as feasible. The shift we need is tremendous, and we all have a part to play at the Motorsports World Cup News. I am thrilled to be joined on stage by Sports for Climate Action signatories who are trying to invite others along for the ride, to expedite transition not just via reduction goals but also through innovation and technology.”

The event will provide an opportunity to learn from motorsport leaders about how the sport is accelerating the global transition to zero emission mobility and renewable energy, leaving no one behind in the e-mobility revolution, with topics covered including on the World Cup News: the innovation required to make e-mobility a reality, how the transition to zero emission vehicles must be part of a Just Transition, and what more the sport can do to engage young people on environmental sustainability.

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