Motorsports World Cup

Motorsports world cup, Manny Buginga wins his first ever double-up at No Mercy 13, and he continues to win in the World Cup Finals.

Motorsports World Cup

Manny Buginga has been a dominant force in Motorsports World Cup 2022, and he capped out the year with a record-breaking double-up triumph at Donald “Duck” Long’s No Mercy 13 on October 30. The next weekend, Team Buginga won the Haltech World Cup Finals: Import vs. Domestic.

The experienced radial tire racer won both the Pro 275 and X275 championships at No Mercy 13, which drew a record number of competitors to South Georgia Motorsports Park. This was an unprecedented performance until Buginga demonstrated that he is one of the finest tiny tire racers in the Motorsports World Cup.

Buginga won Pro 275 over Eddie Harrison in his ProCharger-powered ’03 Mustang, affectionately known as “Fred.” “I’m not sure what occurred, but I believe the track had vanished,” Buginga stated.

“It was like a Top Fuel final because we both burnt the tires.” It was a pedal fest, and it was really loud and unpleasant. “Until you have to pedal those automobiles, you don’t understand how loud they are,” he said. The New Englander got the jump on the track first, clocking a 4.70-second win lap at 165.62 MPH. Harrison then ran 6.39 seconds @ 125.34 MPH at the Motorsports World Cup.

Buginga didn’t have much time to rejoice when his crew member arrived in a golf cart and whisked him away to prepare for the final round in X275 at the Motorsports World Cup. Buginga drove “Big Red” and his ’03 Mustang Cobra to victory against Rob Goss, who had recently established a new record in the semi-finals.

At the starting line, it was a duel as Buginga and Goss each took their time to pre-stage. Buginga was the first to enter, followed immediately by Goss. Buginga was the first to cross the finish line, with a response time of 0.031 seconds. Both vehicles lost traction again, but Buginga was able to cross the finish line first with a 158.74 MPH pass in 5.74 seconds.

Buginga’s two triumphs were especially satisfying since they cemented his place in history. “Racing at No Mercy is like racing against the top of the elite.” They’re all powerhouses. It’s like a last round in every round, so making it to the finals in one of those races is huge.”

The next weekend, Buginga was set to take his No Mercy 13 victory into the sold-out World Cup Finals: Import versus Domestic at Maryland International Raceway. Team Buginga qualified first in the x275 versus Hot Rod class and sixth in the Outlaw vs Extreme class.

Team Buginga went on to win x275 against Hot Rod, finishing first in every round leading up to the finals. They were able to take home the $15,000 cash award.

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