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World Cup Boxing, Natasha Jonas vs. Marie-Eve Dicaire: Jonas weighs in light for Dicaire unity, while Ricky Hatton weighs in for the Barrera showcase.

Natasha Jonas and Marie-Eve Dicaire weigh in for their IBF, WBC, and WBO 154lb world championship unification fight, with Jonas warning, “there are a lot of things that are advantages I have;” In addition, Ricky Hatton weighs in for the Marco Antonio Barrera showcase.

World Cup Boxing

Natasha Jonas and Marie-Eve Dicaire stepped up to the scales in Manchester for their world championship unification. With Dicaire, the IBF champion, better established in the super-welterweight class, the Canadian has pledged to make her height and weight advantages count but Jonas argues that regardless of Dicaire’s stature, her own pace will determine her fate. “There are a number of advantages that I believe I have,” Jonas stated. “Simply fight smartly and follow the game plan.

“I know how talented she is,” she continued. “I only need to improve.”

Dicaire has no plans to announce her strategy for tomorrow’s match. “Are you capable of keeping a secret? Me too, “She said. “I’m going to listen to my corner and stick to the game plan,” she said. “Don’t worry, I’ll bring those belts back to you.” For Jonas, this bout will determine who the best fighter in their classification is. “Right now, I’m number two, and that’s not where I want to be,” she said.

In the main support to the Jonas-Dicaire unification fight, Kaisee Benjamin promises to be a strong battle for British super-welterweight champion Dalton Smith. Benjamin weighed 9st 13lbs when he entered the division. Dalton Smith, a rising Sheffield star, also comfortably made weight at 9st 13lbs 5oz.

“I felt fantastic,” Benjamin said. “I’ll let my hands speak for themselves.

“I’m certain, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. I’ve come to seize the moment with both hands.”

World Cup Boxing

Smith reiterated his opponent’s assurance. “I can demonstrate my adaptability,” he remarked. “I’m ready for anything; I’m ready for any style.” For good cause, Frazer Clarke is known as ‘Big Fraze.’ The Burton heavyweight and Olympic bronze medalist weighed in at 19st 5lbs 5oz, while Saturday’s seasoned opponent, Kamil Sokoowski, weighed in at 17st 5lbs.

Sokolowski returned Clarke’s unruffled look. Pole, located in the United Kingdom, is regarded as one of the hardest journeymen on the circuit, having competed against the top operators in the country and abroad. Clarke will also test himself against them on Saturday.

Bradley Rea (11lbs 4lbs 5oz), who fights for the English championship against Tyler Denny (11st 5lbs 5oz), has a considerable height advantage.

World Cup Boxing

Ross McGuigan (13st 12lbs 5oz) does not have the same level of media attention as Saturday’s opponent Viddal Riley (14st 4lbs), a competent fighter with a sizable social media following. Nonetheless, Peckham’s McGuigan cuts an intimidating image, and both men will be defending their unblemished records at the AO Arena tomorrow.

Hatton is getting ready to say good-bye

Ricky Hatton is gearing up for what may be his last appearance in a boxing ring at the Manchester Arena at the World Cup Boxing, the scene of so many of his memorable performances in the past. It won’t be a fight, but an exhibition with fellow boxing star Marco Antonio Barrera over eight two-minute rounds, no headguards, and no decision. It takes place on Saturday as part of a different promotion but on the same television network as BOXXER Fight Night.

World Cup Boxing

On Friday, they had a ceremonial weigh-in, with Barrera weighing 11st 7lbs and Hatton weighing 11st 6lbs. It was the culmination of a spectacular physical metamorphosis for Hatton in particular. He’d gained a lot of weight. He now seems to be in good shape and says that practicing for this moment has had a significant influence on his general well-being.

“It took a long time to get in the form that I’m in,” Hatton said. “It’s helped me take better care of myself, and I’m happier and healthier as a result. “Everybody is becoming a better Ricky Hatton. ‘Ricky Fatton’ is a thing of the past.” Barrera will exchange blows with him tomorrow, but he is encouraged by the changes he sees in Hatton. He argues that even if it is just an exhibition, they will make it a show.

“This is something we take seriously. It’s a game. We are respectful of the sport “Barrera said. “I want to depart feeling that I put up a fantastic performance.” Hatton’s win came from losing so much weight and improving his own health. “I’m a former boxer, I coach professional fighters, but I also consider myself as a mental health advocate,” Hatton said. “Ricky Hatton is a happy Ricky Hatton these days, both physically and emotionally.

“My second home in front of my fans at the Manchester Arena, sharing the ring with my great friend and legend Marco Antonio Barrera, what’s not to enjoy?”

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