OKBET World cup briefing

World Cup briefing

World Cup briefing: Who stands out now that all 32 teams have competed? Although it may seem to be a blur, every team in Qatar has now played once. What can we take away from the finals so far?

OKBET World Cup briefing

The primary attraction

We’ve reached the moment in the group stage of World Cup briefing when all 32 teams in Qatar have played. As far as we can tell, whose name is on the 2022 World Cup?

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Spain, most clearly, considering how easily they brushed over Costa Rica on World Cup briefing, depriving their admittedly restricted opponents of possession while threatening the goal every time they moved forward. The 2010 champions were unlucky to be eliminated from last year’s Euros after outplaying Italy in their semi-final, but they have an increasingly seasoned coach in Luis Enrique and arguably the tournament’s breakout star in 18-year-old Barcelona schemer Gavi. Just attempt to get the ball away from them.

OKBET World Cup briefing

France thrashed Australia 4-1 in Group D, with the ageing-like-a-fine-wine Oliver Giroud scoring twice and the crazily talented Kylian Mbappé ominously stepping up a gear or two when needed. Of course the World Cup briefing, their coach, Didier Deschamps, has been around the block before, winning the World Cup in Russia four years ago. Les Bleus are surely worth a second look, to use a well-worn horse-tipping slogan.

Meanwhile, Richarlison produced the best goal of the opening round of matches in Brazil’s 2-0 win against Serbia last night, swiveling on his own beautiful first touch and volleying into the corner. While Tottenham striker Neymar began his tournament slowly, Brazil’s plethora of offensive potential and defensive steadiness makes for a squad you’d rather avoid in the knockout rounds.

In their 6-2 victory against Iran on World Cup briefing, England looked helpful. Jude Bellingham, with his box-to-box drive and overall football acumen, is drawing parallels to Bryan Robson. On and off the field, the Borussia Dortmund midfielder demonstrates maturity much above his 19 years. With Mason Mount, Bukayo Saka, Declan Rice, Phil Foden, and Jack Grealish vying for a spot in England’s front six alongside the unstoppable Harry Kane, this is a precious metal generation. With a pair of late goals, Louis van Gaal’s Netherlands defeated a tenacious Senegal. If World Cups were awarded only based on managing expertise, the Oranje would be a lock.

Argentina’s first-round loss to Saudi Arabia is among the greatest World Cup upsets: can Lionel Messi ever fulfill his destiny on the largest stage? The same might be said of Robert Lewandowski, who missed a penalty in Poland’s opening draw with Mexico.

Sure, Spain World Cup briefing has stiffer challenges ahead, but the 7-0 hammering was an eye-catching way to warm up for Sunday’s big clash with Germany, who fell to a dynamic Japan. Hansi Flick and company came with great expectations, but they need a win or they would be leaving early once again. Football no longer lasts 90 minutes, as seen by some of the record-breaking stoppage times, but will Germany prevail in the end? It could still be a bad idea to gamble against it. LMc

Discussion points

There is no waning of interest. FIFA World Cup briefing has provided a set of numbers that tend to counter the notion that people are disengaging with the World Cup, with watching figures for the first match up globally compared to 2018. According to the governing organization, viewership ratings for the inaugural match in 2018 were all up in Brazil, France, and the United Kingdom. Ecuador, who defeated Qatar 2-0 in the first round, had a high of 3.8 million viewers from a population of slightly under 18 million people. One minor caveat: Russia 2018’s first match was played on a Thursday afternoon in Europe, but Qatar’s kickoff was on a Sunday, when most people would be off work. PMc

A camping backpack

The organizing Qatari Supreme Committee has pledged full reimbursements to fans who checked into their World Cup briefing campsites only to discover them incomplete (SC). According to ESPN, the SC blamed “operator incompetence” and said that fans will be compensated for any money spent – with one night at a shipping container camping costing roughly $200 – and given with free lodging for the remainder of their trip. “A portion of the units in these facilities, which are provided and operated by various private firms, did not meet the necessary criteria that were promoted to the spectators,” a SC official stated.

Teams that do not stand out

World Cup briefing, another embarrassing own goal for FIFA? The international governing body has been accused of flouting its own rules as colorblind fans were subjected to a “disaster” uniform clash when Switzerland and Cameroon both wore their home shirts, red and green, for their Group G encounter. According to FIFA rules, a team should replace or mix various things from its numerous playing outfits as needed to make such a clear difference, even if the match has already begun. One in every 12 males and one in every 200 women globally are colorblind. According to Color Blind Awareness, 6% of top male players are colorblind (meaning an average of at least one player in every squad). “You’d think that even if Fifa can’t enforce their own rules, national teams would, if only to protect their own players and teams,” said creator Kathryn Albany-Ward. “We’d want to know how the red/green color combination for the Switzerland vs. Cameroon game was permitted, and why one side did not change into a different shirt at halftime as required by the rules.” This is especially humiliating for Fifa, which is located in Switzerland.”