world cup hero

World Cup Hero

WC hero? Messi’s victory won’t salvage this compromised show. Qatar would sportswash if Lionel Messi led Argentina to victory.

World Cup Hero

World Cup Hero painting in Buenos Aires features Diego Maradona. It looks amazing, but the artist’s Stalinist-scale Diego head is not the 1986 version, when the light, stadium white noise, and Maradona’s movement were all one flawless golden sun-drenched material.

Buenos Aires chose the Italia 90 version with the arrogant gaze, deep blue kit, and barbershop-style low bouffant. Maradona led Argentina to the final in Italy and gave Claudio Caniggia his unearthly artist-as-pickpocket pass against Brazil.

But he already appeared unusually careworn, spending much of that World Cup not playing football but generating scenes—blubbing, fighting, cheating, arriving at each halt in play to give a series of angry finger-wagging demands.

I even liked the on-drugs version at USA 94, when Maradona at least seemed a little more himself and scored a magnificent goal against Greece, a spectacular rat-a-tat of flick-passes capped by sliding the ball into the top corner. No one wants to discuss it. It was a nice drug objective.

The painting symbolizes the reality that Qatar 2022 will be the first World Cup Hero in 44 years without Maradona participating, out there as a live piece of tournament iconography, or appearing in the stands as he did at the previous one, jumping over the press box as Argentina labored against Iceland.

By the conclusion of that game, Maradona had probably consumed more energy than Lionel Messi, who looked tired and mortal in Russia, is about to play in his last tournament, and already appears, a week away, like the most tragic on-field presence at this World Cup Hero.

This is uncertain. Messi may save Qatar 2022 with his athletic beauty. He may be its most miserable feature, reflecting the end-to-end propaganda coup that goes through this event from bid committee to a winner’s platform crowded by hired ambassadors of Qatar.

Despite these sounds, Messi may have a good year. After a half-season full of goals and assists, he will be fit for his first World Cup Hero. He’s regaining his flea-like lateral hops and leaps.

The French league is portrayed as a gay, frank, bucolic affair populated with hobbits and ploughmen. Ligue 1 is a rough environment with ambitious players. 35-year-old Messi. He’s world-class again.

Argentina, undefeated in 35 games, might face Denmark, England, or the Netherlands in the last 16. Human skill may decide. Messi winning a World Cup may restore some feeling of pure sport, human spirit, and beauty through the darkest glass to this horrible event.

Here comes the record scratch and hopeless sigh. Wait. Welcome to Qatar 2022, where beauty is co-opted and the nonsense piled up so high even wings won’t help. Even Messi winning the trophy seems like a trap.

Even freshness is complex. Qatar’s propaganda spectacle awaits Messi. PSG dominate France. How will he proceed? Auxerre risk? He may play Sunday. This is correct. However, Messi is on track to enter the World Cup Hero after 20 days off and seven games since October 1. 13 games for Harry Kane. Messi’s desired. Is it real? Is this sport competitive?

World Cup Hero

Messi might also win at World Cup Hero. Imagine him on the podium. Imagine any favorite’s top player. Imagine Neymar or MbappĂ© winning. Strange vibes? Are the parts melding, Usual Suspects-style?

Qatar’s extreme financial commitment and forethought are its beauty. Qatar has three insiders. A host state employee may hoist the golden trophy. Do we expect criticism on the stage, or just civilized and appreciative joy? You may wish Denmark or England wins and makes a statement by appearing furrowed and concerned or wearing a badge. That persuades? This material causes disintegration, a realization that everyone is compromised.

Qatar’s victory, 12 years in the making, is a World Cup Hero where it’s impossible to want Messi to win or believe that this show constructed on Fifa corruption, enslaved labour, and brutal sports power deserves such a sporting ultimacy.

World Cup Hero

This is also ridiculous. Messi is no Yoda. He’s Saudi Arabia’s tourism ambassador.

His gift is a blessing. Messi in Qatar may revive the machine. It may also seem like the most well-planned World Cup propaganda coup, a sportswashing checkmate. Our greatest chance is to find out.

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